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22c3 Content Meeting

Today we had another meeting in order to prepare the prepare the 22nd Chaos Communication Congress, in short: 22c3. We went through the first submissions and proposals for lectures and decided who else should be invited and get a CfP. As usual, it was quite a lengthy session, but it looks as if this year’s program is going to be really good—and even better than last year’s. 🙂
I think by October, 1st there will be about 300 submissions for perhaps 150 slots; that’s why it will be tough to review and evaluate the proposals. On the other hand, what will be accepted, will be promissing. This is a good perspective…
The theme or motto of this year’s Congress is “Private Investigations” with an allusion to Blade Runner. The theme has two perspectives:

Of course, the theme will not cover every aspect of the Chaos Communication Congress

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